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Product Kits

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Product Kits is a great feature that allows you to sell groups of products as kits. In this example, a bedroom set is displayed where if the customer purchases a bed, the chair, desk and nightstand can be purchased at a lower price as a complete kit. You can offer the same kit items as individual products at a higher price point and encourage customers to buy more through a kit.

In this example, we've also displayed two of the kit items (desk and chair) as bound in quantity to the parent item (bed) - that is if one bed is purchased and the desk and/or chair is selected, the same quantity is added to the cart. However, a customer may want two nightstands so the quantity box is displayed. You can set these options at the individual child item level. This feature allows a lot of flexibility on how you display your products and gives you the capability of creating the combination that works well for your business.

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Product Kits Description

"Product Groups" is the term for how AmeriCommerce handles a parent product that has children products underneath it.  This has many advanced uses that almost no other cart software has off the shelf alongside the other product features already there.

A kit of products sold as one like a bed with a dresser and two nightstands.  Some items are optional, some may be required.  Special group pricing may apply.  The dresser and nightstands can be bought seperately as well.

Benefits of Kits:

  • Full inventory tracked for each parent and children seperately
  • Totally seperate item numbers and tracking for each item in the group
  • Totally seperate pricing & pricing rules for each item in the group, even totally seperate quantity breaks and more.
  • Totally seperate shipping weights, rules and restrictions for each item in the group
  • Use 1 master description for all of the items in the group, and override certain other descriptions for each child item.
  • Pictures on the parent item are also joined with all the child items' pictures to make 1 master set of pictures automatically.
  • Keeps the parent-child relationship throughout the AmeriCommerce system for reference purposes on orders/reorders.
  • Displays children items beneath their parent visually in the cart/order to help end users visualize the tie.
  • Select and purchase multiple variations and quantities of the child items all at once, right from the single product page
  • Can "require" an item to be purchased in the group, this item/min quantity cannot be removed without removing the whole group from the cart/order.
  • Can automatically add a specified quantity of a child item to the cart when a certain number of the other items are added to the cart.
  • Quantity can be bound to the parent item, meaning if you order 24 of the parent, you get 24 of the child and it will not be updateable.
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